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Chapter 3

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Welcome to the OrchidGeeks Wiki

This portal will serve as a platform which other members may write and contribute topics relating to orchids. Use the "Edit" button above to edit this page and add in your article.

Below are the chapters for the Orchid Ebook:
Chapter 1: What makes an orchid an orchid?
Chapter 2: Where do orchids come from?
Chapter 3: How can I tell what kind of orchid I have? (a basic orchid identification guide with pictures)
Chapter 4: Now that I know what I have, how do I take care of it? (cultural fundamentals for the most commonly grown genera and also Fertilizers)
Chapter 5: Is my orchid doing what it's supposed to? (basic growing/blooming cycle info for the most commonly grown genera - I'd be happy to write this chapter)
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Chapter 6: How and when do I repot my orchid? (repotting techniques and potting mixes)
Chapter 7: How do I mount an orchid?
Chapter 8: Orchid Pests and Diseases
Chapter 9: How do I buy/select an orchid?
Chapter 10: Orchid Shows and Societies: What to expect and how to get involved

Epiphyte's Division Follow-up

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