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Talking Maria's Updated 2010 Growing List

I've been buying lots of orchids lately, which sent me into a frenzy of organization. Here's my updated 2010 list (a/o today). I plan on buying some myrmecophilas and a few other plants before the year ends, but I think I'm pretty much done with the bulk of my orchid shopping. I need to concentrate on buying supplies and hopefully new shelving.

A moment of silence for those that didn't make it to this year's list.(RIP)

Most of my orchids are NBS and divisions. Some seedlings and compots are not counted. I hope that soon everyone will be blooming!

Anacheilium and Encyclia

Anacheilium garcianum
Encyclia citrina


Aerangis brachycarpa
Aerangis fastuosa ‘Whitten 3360’ x self (TN 6440)
Aerangis hyaloides
Aerangis kotschyana
Aeranthes ramosa
Amesiella (Angraecum) minor
Amesiella monticola
Amesiella phillipinensis
Angraecum magdalenae ‘Hopbrook #2’ x self (TN 5427)
Angraecum sesquipedale
Eurychone rothschildana
Jumellea arachnanthe
Jumellea comorensis
Jumellea walleri (filicornoides)
Oeoniella polystachys


Cattleya aurantiaca ‘Hopbrook’ x self
Cattleya Caribbean ‘Orange Bowl’ (C. Margaret Stewart x C. aurantiaca)(Original Stud Division)
Cattleya Crystal Clear ‘Xes Olympiques Grenoble’ (C. Myron A. Hofer x C. Bob Betts)(Original Stud Division)
Cattleya Fulvescens ‘Peaches Immortality’ (C. dowiana x C. forbesii)(Original Stud Division)
Cattleya luedemanniana ‘Crownfox Snow’ HCC x Cattleya Snow Blind ‘Mike’s Snow’
Potinara Flameout ‘Torchy’ (Blc. Gift x Slc. Jewel Box) (Original Stud Division)

Laelias: Brazilian

Laelia crispa
Laelia purpurata var. carnea ‘Hihimanu’ x self (TN 5996)

Laelias: Mexican

Laelia anceps (s/alba “Castro”) x (s/alba “Castro” x guerrero)
Laelia anceps Wallbrunn x Figment sib (seedling)
Laelia anceps var. alba ‘Silver Medal’ SM/AOS (a/k/a Laelia anceps var. alba ‘Sterling Dickinson’ AM/AOS)
Laelia anceps var. vestalis ‘Figment’ AM/AOS (Original Stud Division)
Laelia anceps var. guerrero (Chilapensis) (Bare root division)
Laelia anceps (Rustic Canyon (Laelia anceps var. Mendenhall x Laelia anceps var. Guerrero)) x Laelia anceps #7)
Laelia autumnalis var. alba ‘Gene May’ CHM/AOS
Lc. Newberry Glow ‘SVO’ AM/AOS x Laelia anceps ‘White Marble’
Lc. Clayton Wagley var. alba
Lc. Wrigleyi ‘Blue Lagoon’ HCC/AOS (C. bowringiana x Laelia anceps)

Rupicolous Laelias

Laelia alvaroana
Laelia caulescens var. alba (also known as Laelia crispilabia)
Laelia cinnabarina var. cowanii
Laelia colnagoi
Laelia fournieri
Laelia ghillanyi
Laelia gloedeniana
Laelia hispidula (rupestris x angereri)
Laelia (kautskyana x rupestris)
Laelia lilliputana
Laelia lucasiana
Laelia mantiqueirae (also known as Laelia pabstii)
Laelia milleri
Laelia (mirandae x rupestris)
Laelia mixta
Laelia pfisteri
Laelia sanguiloba

Other Species

Alamanea punicea
Cadetia taylori
Chysis limminghii
Eulophiella elizabethae (3)
Harella odorata
Gastrochilus japonicus
Epidendrum campestre
Leptotes bicolor x sib
Schoenorchis fragrans
Schomburgkia humboldtii var. alba


Phal. Nobby’s Amy (Wildda’a Pink Butterflies) AM/AOS
Barbara Baldan’s Mandarin ‘Fancy’
Phalaenopsis tetraspis var. alba
Phalaenopsis violacea ‘Blue July 4th’ x Phalaenopsis violacea ‘Amazing Grace’


Renanthera Bartholomew Motes
Renanthera citrina x Renanthera imschootiana
Renanthera imshootiana
Renanthera ‘Miami Beach’ AM/AOS x Mauricette Brin
Renanthera Nancy Chandler
Renanthera phillipinensis
Renanthera Summit Red Devil ‘Woodlands’ x Brookie Chandler ‘Maggie’ AM/AOS
Renanthera Tom Thumb


Tuberolabium odoratissimum
Tuberolabium rhopalorrhachis
Tuberolabium quisumbingii
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