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Bolero 09-16-2012 09:31 PM

New Flasks
Hi all, just wondering what I should do with some flasks I received today.

I ordered some flasks from an overseas vendor nearly a year ago, they were for the Australian Conference. I was told to pay for them and then they would have them available for me to pick up.

I never paid for them and didn't go to the conference. I had completely forgotten about the flasks with all the upheaval that I experienced back in April. However I hadn't paid for them so I figured and have forgone the right to have them anyway.

But they turned up posted to me today, they are a complete mess with the gel covering the plants and an invoice for their cost. Not happy to pay for them as they are tiny plants that have to come out and will not survive. If the media was ok I would think they could last a few months longer but the mix is like mud with the plants underneath it all. I never agreed that they could be posted to me anyway.

I can't post the flasks back to them. I plan to send them an email about all of the above with a photo of the flasks. What would you do?

P.S. They are flasks of kovachii hybrids.

Anton 09-16-2012 10:15 PM

They are not worth getting replated ??

I would have done what you are doing and that is to photograph the condition they came in, sending them an Email with the images.

Also let them know that as so much time has passed you didn't expect to receive them after this length of time, and especially in the condition they arrived.

tell them you think it is poor form for them to suddenly after all this time to just send them without any correspondence, and have no intention of paying for what you no longer want, and also because of the poor condition they arrived in.

I had a similar case a few years ago with a Balinese grower and actually rang them to let them know my displeasure at the way they do business, especially they condition in which they arrived. After sending images to them, they conceded that they had stuffed up and I didn't have to pay.

NONE of the plants were salvageable.

Bolero 09-16-2012 10:44 PM

Actually they could be replated I think but that will be expensive in relation to the cost of the actual flask. I hadn't thought of that and might send them off to a facility.

The reason I am being so negative is the same company did this to me once before and the plants weren't salvageable. All the seedings at that time died and were to small to come out of flask. The replacement flask took 2 years to get back and even that wasn't ok when it got to me.

I don't mind paying for them if they arrived in good condition even though it's been a year since the discussion took place and they arrived without warning but I have issues with the conditions. I would pay for them but I can guarantee very few will live.

Thanks Anton, you have backed up my feelings around this and I will send them some photos and discuss the problems. I should mention that a couple of the flasks were broken as well.

1joyceh 09-17-2012 05:31 AM

quite the mess, hope you get it sorted out :(

Anton 09-17-2012 05:47 AM

There's a strong message here......... DON'T DEAL WITH THEM AGAIN !!!

I told the mob I dealt with that being on an international orchid forum I was going to spread the word they were not a good company to deal with. IT WORKED !!! :D

hera 09-17-2012 06:39 AM

I would have expected a communication from them before they sent the flasks. From their end, you might have moved by then. Perhaps you should mail the flask back to them and send pictures of the condition that it came to you.

Bolero 09-17-2012 07:02 AM


Originally Posted by hera (Post 347937)
I would have expected a communication from them before they sent the flasks. From their end, you might have moved by then. Perhaps you should mail the flask back to them and send pictures of the condition that it came to you.

The problem is I can't mail from Australia to another country legally. Two flasks were broken so they can't be posted anyway. The seedlings are so tiny they can't possibly survive and should be replated.

I will send them photos though and find out what they think.

Bolero 09-17-2012 07:34 AM

I just had a good think about it. I probably did move between ordering the flasks and them arriving.

However I am concerned that the condition was that I paid for them in advance but they sent them even though I hadn't paid. I will talk with them, I think a few of the flasks are going to be non-negotiable due to the fact they were either broken or not ready for deflasking but shaken up.

Hopefully we can work something out as one flask was perfect even if the others weren't.

Forever-mango 09-24-2012 04:06 AM

Hi mate. If you didnt pay for them and didnt agree for it to get posted...Legally do you have to pay for it? They did say if you paid for them, they can be collected at the conference. But you didnt pay for it, so therefore the order didnt go through. So if they decided to send it to you, without you paying for it, then your not entitled to pay for them. I would repackage it and tell Auspost to return to sender. Make it look like it didnt go to you.

Smurfette 09-24-2012 05:27 AM

Given that it was over a year ago and you did not pay for them then it is their mistake..........if it were me I'd either ignore it or send them back return to sender (but that's just me!!!):yup::yup:

Forever-mango 09-28-2012 11:10 PM

If your not too keen on keeping them, you can always send it to me :P

Any news on what's going to happen mate?

Bolero 09-29-2012 01:10 AM

Not yet, I haven't heard back from them yet. Looking forward to getting a response.

I have basically told them I won't be paying for the fischeri x kovachii as they are to small and are dying quickly. I am looking to pay for others though.

Will let you know if I get a response.

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