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Unhappy Newbie needing some care advice .....

Hi Orchid lovers ....

I'm new here, and this is my first post. And I need help!!

Since I've been unable to give my orchids the care they deserve, (especially the past 2-1/2 years due to several surgeries, back and foot), and one is in trouble.

I have a phalaenopsis that is very stressed (I've started taking better care of it now and it'll be fine) ... but it was always a gorgeous orchid and bloomed twice for me after I bought it (in bloom.) ... right now though, the leaves are thin and leathery as may happen when they're neglected.

BUT ... one stem has put out a beautiful little baby orchid shoot. Very deep green with two beautifully curled leaves, one about 2-1/2" long, the other, 3-1/2" long. I have a nice photo, but don't know how to put it up here.

So - what do I do with this beautiful little baby? Take it off and encourage it to sprout roots? Or if I wait, does it start to send out roots of its own and then I can cut it off and plant it?

The main plant is also putting out a few stems with flower buds right now - in two different locations. I don't want the plant to be overwhelmed to the point I can't save it by all this activity. Should the baby come off to help it out? .... And I will be repotting it within the next few days.

Does anyone know - does the weak tea (and lemon?) bath for rehydration I see mentioned in many places help?? - (always by people who don't know if it will work or not even as they post youtube videos about doing it.) .... I don't want to try this unless it is a proven technique to revive the plant's leaves*.*

And/or ... I was thinking I could add some micronutrients to the water as well, though I could always just fertilize it with them after it's transplanted. Azomite and ground eggshells, a tiny bit of Epsom salts, or spent tea or coffee grounds in snow melt? (which is what we have right now ....)


Also - I bought one of those clay pots with decorative holes cut out in it to transplant the plant into. Do these pots work well for the orchids or not? It is glazed only on the outside. If it's from China, do I dare use it?? ... (I'll have to check.)

And thank you to anyone who can give me some advice.


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Typically it's best to keep the kieki (baby plant) attached to the mother plant until it has a root established and grown at least an inch. Then you can choose to remove it from the mother plant and pot up. I suggest getting a balanced fertilizer and fertilize weakly weekly (half strength). This will help the mother plant sustain growth and reduce stress.
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