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  1. Enc. cordigera var. alba 'Henrique' x Enc. plicata var. alba 'Cherokee' aka Imon
  2. Onc Misaki Twinkle Obry 'Only You'
  3. OK, so I was bad today
  4. I was bad today!
  5. Rlc (Pot) Samantha Duncan 'Paradise'
  6. Latest Zygo Flowering
  7. Update of plants from the hybrid growing project
  8. Den Yellow Song Update
  9. My Bc. Little Stars
  10. Den. Yellow Song 'Canary'
  11. Cym Chen's Ruby - warm tolerant Cym
  12. Bloomer from Hybrid List!
  13. Bc Little Stars x Maikai 'Hawaii'
  14. Update on Epi. Mabel Kanda, Bc. Little Stars and Blc. Haleahi Sunbow
  15. B. Little Stars... dying!
  16. First Flowering
  17. Connie's Bc. Little Stars & Encyclia's
  18. B Little Stars - new growth!
  19. Bc Little Stars x Maikai 'Hawaii'
  20. Dend. Upin King
  21. Adjusting and Growing
  22. Den. Yellow Song in Fight and Lost