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  22. How can you tell?
  23. Masdevallia potting experiment
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  25. new acquisitions
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  28. new to s/h!
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  31. semi hydro pictures
  32. Kln
  33. White mold
  34. Sarcochilus in S/H
  35. Worm tea and s/h
  36. how do your anchor your plant growing in hydroton or other lightweight stuff?
  37. For your viewing pleasure...
  38. Rhynchostylis retusa x Rhynchostylis coelestis S/H
  39. Rhynchostylis in S/H
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  41. My Antelope Den in semi-hydro
  42. Re-potting Sharry Baby 'Yellow Panda'
  43. Going S/H crazy!
  44. growing orchids in water
  45. s/h plants outside for the summer?
  46. s/h nutrients
  47. which to start with?
  48. growing Disa's in Hydroponic
  49. Question about when to switch to s/h
  50. Help me design a s/h indoor automated watering system
  51. Decided to Try S/H
  52. Orchid with little to no roots
  53. New to orchids and S/H
  54. Update on my orchids.....
  55. anyone grow Dendrobiums in SH whata abt dry period?
  56. s/h & fungus gnats & old roots --> how old is old?
  57. mister/foggers anyone tried them with orchids?
  58. Anyone tried Pine oil?
  59. wetness when repotting Oncidium?
  60. Paph Not Potted Deep Enough?
  61. Clivia miniata
  62. Just about to dive into semi-hydropnic but how much KLN should I use
  63. Tokyo Blue Vanda
  64. Full hydro
  65. Mokara Chark Kuan S/H while in bloom
  66. When do you water with hydroponics???
  67. My s/h adventure
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  69. Phrag kovachii S/H [semi hydro]
  70. Dtps. I Hsin Sesamee likes S/H
  71. Hydroton cleaning
  72. does anyone measure the pH in their semi-hydro pots?
  73. As soon as i finish moving.
  74. Hand pollinate Phalaenopsis
  75. SH and fertilizng