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Originally Posted by articuno75 View Post
Right now I'm so freaked out by spiders. I had to take Mason to Ft. Wayne here last Tuesday and there was a spider on his wheelchair. I kid you not this thing had glowing green eyes. I have never seen a spider with glowing green eyes before.

It was black all over, furry, and it had an orange blotch on it's back. Oh don't forget the fangs from hell. I tried to get the nasty thing off of the chair, and when I did it stood on it's back legs and started jabbing it's fangs rapidly.

Yeah, I about peed my pants. So if you can imagine me, a nurse and a guy trying to get this spider the size of my thumbnail off of this wheelchair in the middle of a parking lot with a pair of scissors, a tissue and a can of Off spray, you'd laughed your butts off.

No Mason was not in the chair, he was safely in his car seat laughing at us.

I'm still creeped out.
lol, Jenny that sounds just our little jumping spiders here! They look crazy and dangerous but they are really harmless. It still hands out heeby jeebies though. I really like spiders cause they eat a the other nastier bugs.
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