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Just today I saw some webs on one of my mounted orchids in the G/H. The little guy was hiding under a leaf. I was tempted to kill it but decided to let it be for a while. Figured he must be finding something to eat in there. I also remembered the Geeks saying they are the good guys. Humm...I guess as long as they aren't in the house.

Jenny, here's something gross. The last time I was in Thailand, I ate a locust, a cockroach (the ones that fly), and a fat white wormy thing found in decaying wood. They were all deep fried in hot oil. Yuck!!! Can't say they tasted good but I had to try them for the sake of saying I did. Won't know if they are good unless you give it a go. I should have been the host for Bizarre Foods. LOL!!!
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