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So....I went in the room again and figured that the spiders were coming from the humidifier, and sure thing, I take it outside, flip it over, and there is little mommy spider in this little crack giving birth or hatching the babies. SOOOO I KILLED HER AND HER BABIES MUAHAAHAAHAAA! Serves her right for invading my territory. I am grossed out by all this, and I doubt that I will sleep very much tonight, but I had the best luck finding this when I did. If I had turned the lights off an hour ago, when I was suppossed to, I would have never made this horrifing discovery. I don't hate all spiders, mind you. I don't mind spiders that make a web and mind thier own business, but we have HOBO spiders here, and they are fast, huge, and they like to move into your house during the fall when they are looking for a warm place to MATE. GROSS! Plus, if you ever have the misfortune of being bitten by one, you are looking at a HUGE ROTTEN MASS where you were bitten that lasts for MONTHS and can scar you terribly FOREVER. I hate hobos so much that for the past 6 months, I have been sleeping on the couch upstairs, because they like to hang out in the basement where my room is. YUCK!
The other night, I was laying on the couch, watching old movies at 4 am, and I see this dark fast moving mass come up the side of the couch right in front of my face, and I am still, because I think it is the cricket I saw earlier, but NO!!! I remember that the cricket is underneath a glass, where I trapped him the day before, so I jump off the couch, turn on the light, and there is this quarter size, dark HOBO spider. Sooo, of course the rest of the house is up now, and I go to grab the fly swatter, but my mom gets him with a piece of wadded up toilet paper first, because she doesn't want spilled spider guts on the couch. I can't believe she does that, because they are so fast. WE ARE TALKING FEET PER SECOND FAST. I have invested in numerous fly swatters to put all over the house, so I am always prepared to kill them when I find them. Sometimes I even hunt them downstairs. I have had horrible luck with bugs getting on me this year, and I will be dammed if I get bitten by a stupid hobo spider.

Alas, I am ever vigilant in my fight against these little beasts.
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