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Spider madness!!

I just went in my "plant room" to turn off the lights and I saw a little spider running across the plastic on the floor, so I crushed it with my finger...then..I saw another one, and, thinking it was the same on, crushed it "again" then, I looked at the humidifier and saw 3 runninng across the top of it, so I killed each one of them. SOOO HORRIFIED!!!! There were more, too, and I can't tell where they are coming from.

Has anyone used a bug bomb on their orchids?? I don't want to remove all of them, because they will no doubt have spiders on them, and I don't even know if bug bombs kill spiders.

ALL I can say is I feel like they are all over me right now, and I hate spiders more than anything.
Please help me ID the Den. In my pic. Each flower lasted for 6 months.
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