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Originally Posted by patticake View Post
Here's some close-ups of my Bletilla striata seedlings. I know that there's a lot of algae, but I'm afraid that if I treat that, it will damage the seedlings. They're not doing much (for months!) but they're not dying, either! It's an experiment to see if they can be grown without the flasking process. Obviously, the flasking process is MUCH better, but I have about 30 or so that have made it so far. We'll see what happens! The first pic is of a ball-point pen next to it so you can get perspective.
What did you sow your seeds on. I have a few dozen Bletilla in my landscaping and I just let the seed pods burst and let winter do it's thing. I can sow them on agar, but I've not been interested in doing it yet. I am interested however top learn what you did. Maybe I'll give it a go. I have about a half dozen pods out there at least.


BTW - its been a few months since you started this thread. How are they doing?
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