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I have a feeling I can ID the source by the tag. I have a few of these little species phals from the same vendour. The media they use is quite good. Wondering why the immediate repot? The plant is quite young; fragile indeed. The weather at the time you received the plant was cold. (still cold ) It may have gotten slightly chilled in shipment, even though well packed. I've never been in favour of repotting upon arrival. Truth be told, I don't repot unless it's absolutely necessary. It tends to set the plant back, especially after moving it to a new evironment. One of my "baby phals" hit the floor a time back. (similar to a repot IMO) Wasn't damaged but It hasn't been the same since. Same issue; lower leaf not looking too great. The ones that I did nothing to and let them settle in are in bloom and or growing new leaves.

I have these in slightly higher light 2000 fc's. I wouldn't go much above that while they are still small.
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