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Originally Posted by kmarch View Post
Aleska, I klnow it has been a long time since your last post but I have some info that will be helpful regarding "hard cane" dendrobiums.

I dont' like the term "hard cane" for dendrobiums because it is too broad and vague and doesn't tell you anythign useful about the plant. Den kingianum and hybrids as well as Den biggibum and its hybrids (the name Den phalaenopsis is no longer the recognized name for that species. It is now obsolete.) and several other dendrobes all of which require different conditions are all collectively refered to as "hard cane dens."

I prefer the grouping of dendrobiums that refers to the species groupings (like New Guinea dendrobiums, antelope dendrobiums, etc) or hybrid groups based on their species backgrounds (like nobile-type, or phal-type).

There are so many of them that it's true they're difficult to get your head around. I'm learning them only a few at a time as I try growing them.
Thanks Kmarch! That is very useful information!

The problem is that in my country there are no orchid nurseries. I'm getting chids from one Garden center and their names are always tagged something like: 'Orchid mix' or 'Dendrobium phalaenopsis', so there is no way I can find out their true names... I can make difference between nobile-type and phal-type, but nothing more. As you said there is so many of them...

So, I'm going to learn now new nomenclature of Dends!
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