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Originally Posted by Cynthia, Prescott, AZ View Post
There are around a 1000 Dendrobium species, and probably half of them need special seasonal changes. There is a book, now out of print that has cultural info on about 99% of them. It is 'Orchid Species Culture: Dendrobiums' by Baker and Baker. I bought mine for around $70, but the price appears to have been going up recently, as the surplus new books floating around has been drying up. But if you are patient, you might find the book at a reasonable price used. But, if you are only going to be growing a few of these, you may be able to get the same info for about a $1 a plant from:
Orchid Culture - Charles and Margaret Baker
Check out their free culture sheets, and you will see how very detailed the info is. Nothing like it anywhere else. You can also find info on other orchids than Dens. Many need no special treatment, so a culture sheet is not really necessary. Note also, that there is an equivalent book from them on the Oncidium family currently in print for a reasonable amount of money. I think most Oncidiums don't require special treatment, so this may not be a very valuable book to you, but is very useful to people growing out of doors, as info on temperature hardiness is given.
Thank you Cynthia! At my place, temps never fall below 0 Celsius, which is good. Hmm.. I thought that phalaenopsis type dends should be in warm place during all year? I didn't know that they also want cool, winter rest... Thanks tom!
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