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Originally Posted by Cynthia, Prescott, AZ View Post
I'm not sure mites are large enough to be interesting to lady bugs. Seems they would like something the size of aphids and mealies. If anyone could find out if lady bugs eat spider or flat mites, it would be nice to know.

Some species of ladybugs are listed as biological control agents for spider mite (members of the Stethorus genus for example). The problem is that the name lady bug is applied to a variety of genera that vary in their preferred diet. The big problem with winged biological controls is that, unless you're releasing them into an enclosed area, you pay a mint for a small group of insects that head straight for your neighbour's garden on release. Predatory mites are probably a better investment. Of course, if you want to use biological controls, don't go anywhere near the pesticides mentioned in this thread for a few months before release.
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