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sound like you have red spider mites on your hand. You might not see any
mites at all. But if you see spider web on it.You can be sure it is spider mites.
They are not spiders but mites. Nothing kill them except very strong miticies.
They are very very contagious . I just got rid of them last month and bought
a new catt 3 week ago and it was infested with spider mites. (why i didnt see that when I buy it?) Luckly i quarantine the new plant before mixing with the rest of the plant.
Here what you do.
- get a 5 gallon bucket (how?you figure out) and get miticies from
your local nursery.(chances are you might have problem getting it.They
don't come by often) Mix to correct proportion. Soak the whole plant
for about 2 to 3 minutes start with the least infested onces. Take it
out and drip dry. (no sun light for the next 2 day) miticies burn the
- depending on the type of miticies you used. Some miticies kill the
eggs in one application. The cheaper miticies ,well, kill only the adult.
you have to reapply miticies 5 days from your first application. Repeat
the same step soak whole plant it into miticies for 2 to 3 minutes
YOU might need to reapply for the 3 or 4 time. Pray hard you don't have
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