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Something (Fungus? Pests?) is Harming my Phals! *cries*

Good day, gentle people.

I had originally contacted my orchid vendor about this matter (June 1) but I haven't heard back from them as yet. And the matter is getting worse, so I'm copy/pasting what I had sent them to save time.
"I have another question, though: what kind of pest or fungus could be causing these brown pock marks on the leaves?

I notice that they only appear on the orchids downstairs, not on the ones on the upstairs balcony. If it's caused by a pest (or even a fungus), what can we spray on the leaves to prevent more damage?"

I've attached the images I sent them to this post. I'm also going to send photos that I took today; it looks like it's worsening. I did brush a finger along the brown stuff and it's quite powdery, but not the easiest thing to come off the leaves.

Help, please! I might lose these affected plants but I want to save the ones I still have - if it's not too late.
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