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That's a good idea about the pH, and it's true, things do move slowly and it's hard to tell what is and isn't working, unless there's a dramatic and sudden change. In the case of my coelogyne flaccida, when I bought it the grower told me that they're "tough as nails" and can put up with almost any conditions, whether it's kept moist or dry, cool or warm. So I thought it would be an easy plant. I took it home and hung it in the best window I have, which is west facing, and watered it when I felt like it (sometimes approaching dry, sometimes dry). It was in moss at the time. It grew one new pseudobulb smaller than the rest, and then nothing. It just sat there for over a year and lost a couple of leaves, so I decided to repot it. I put it in lava rock after reading good things about it, and about how coelogynes don't like being repotted. Looking back, maybe I should have kept it in moss. Over the next couple years it grew two new tiny growths from the oldest pseudobulb, lost more leaves, and became more and more shriveled. Then, this year at the orchid show in St. Paul I was talking to another grower about it, and she said that coelogyne flaccida love lots of water and "they'll take as much water as you can give them". So I started watering it more, but I think the damage was already done. It can't absorb water without roots. At this point I don't have much to lose. I'm having some favorable results with semi-hydro in some of my orchids, and bark with others, so I thought I'd give SH a try with this one as a last effort. I think I'll try the seaweed as well.
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