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Water with bark tea?

I was just repotting a sad looking coelogyne today and had a kind of a weird question. Has anyone tried watering their semi-hydroponic orchids with bark-soaked water? Here's my thought process on this: So, Coelogynes apparently don't like to be repotted, and so I want to do it as infrequently as possible. Thus, I decided to switch to a semi-hydroponic setup for my sad little, almost rootless orchid. I've read and seen people soaking their rootless orchids in tea because the tannins in the tea are supposed to promote root growth. Well, aren't there plenty of tannins in bark also? When it rains on an orchid growing on a tree branch in the wild, it would get washed with the bark soaked water every time. What if I boiled some water with a handful of bark in it, let it cool, strained it, and used it to water my semi-hydro orchids? Would they get the benefits of bark without the breakdown of the media? It may be a stupid idea, but I was just wondering if anyone has thoughts on this.
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