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Question Need advice PLEASE!

I am a newbie to growing Orchids. So far, I have 2 Phals and they seem to be doing good, not dying, throwing new spike and flower buds. Phals I have a pretty good idea of what I am doing. (at least I think I am doing ok with them).

My hubby ordered me 2 new Orchids online, and they are my anniversary present(early). He bought them because he thought they were pretty, but he doesn't realize that not all Orchids are the same.

One is a C. Motte spot x Hilo grand, and the other is a Maxillaria madida. I cannot seem to find a lot of info on how to take care of them.
Are they Species? Hybrids?

If anyone can help me get some information I would greatly appreciate it! He paid a lot for these two plants, and I am totally unfamiliar these.

Like what is best potting medium, how much/often to water, light, how often to
fertilize them, and any tips or tricks to make sure I don't kill them.

I realize he was trying to make me happy, but to spend that much money, I don't want to see them die in a few months.
It will also help me in my education on Orchids, and I am doing all the reading and video watching trying to understand these wonderful plants!

Oh, and the plants will be here by Saturday,
Happy Growing!

Orkid Momma

Hurricane, Utah
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