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Light requirement for sick phal

When we moved to Texas into a rental house a year and a half ago, my phals began to suffer. Either we never had enough light (UV tinted windows with too much shade) or too much light (dappled shade outside with intense"holes" of light as the sun moved in the sky). So they took a beating before I decided to get a grow light and keep them there. All are doing much better except for one - a prior keiki that I rescued from my mom. He has 2 puny roots. I took him out of his pot and I've got him in a high humidity "dome" under my grow lights. But he's not sending out new roots like the rest of my little misfit collection that have remained in their pots. I've read that sick phals should get less light, but I don't really understand why biologically this necessary. Is that why he's not producing more roots? How far should I keep him from the grow lights? He has a little heat mat also to keep him warm.

See the pics below. The little nubbin that looks like a root is old and has a black tip - so it's not actively growing

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