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Dendrobium Phalaenopsis: Brown Rot or Sun Damage?

I'm new here and looking for advice on my new dendrobium phalaenopsis (at least that is my best guess... I got it home and realized it had no label ). I just bought this orchid 4 days ago (Saturday) from a nursery. This morning I noticed that the top leaf has turned a brown/greyish color and the next lower leaf has a spot that is doing the same. At first I thought it may be sunburn because there are no blinds/curtain on that window, but the sun doesn't get too bright there. Then I looked at the picture I took on Saturday and noticed that the leaf was starting to brown at that time so it leads me to believe it started while at the nursery. All the leaves are also water stained/spotted so I'm guessing the nursery let it sit wet. Upon further research I think it may be brown rot. The first two pictures are from this morning and the third is from the day I got it. If you zoom in you can see the top of the leaf is brownish. It is a very tall orchid and I haven't examined the roots. It is packed very tightly and I'm not sure what the medium is (maybe peat moss). I was going to wait to repot until it was done blooming. Is there anyone that can help me identify what is wrong with this orchid?? I just don't want to take the wrong steps in correcting it.
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