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I used to have issues with Coelogyne years ago and lost more than I care to remember. I now grow them like weeds in my conditions which are:
Temp range 59F low - 86F high : Humidity range min 60% - 90% (humidity is the crucial factor, they love humidity)

FEED:I feed weekly with a complete flush through about once a month to eliminate any salt build up.

MIX / WATERING: I have a mixture of 80% sphag; 10% Perlite; 10% small seedling bark. This helps keep the roots moist. You have to remember that these plants come from the tropics, and as such humid, moist conditions. BUT there is a caveat, there is a difference between moist and wet, and this is a fine line so because you use sphag, the need for waterinG is greatly reduced as the sphag and Perlite help retain the moisture.

AIRFLOW: Another essential element with Coelogyne. They like air movement as apposed to still air. I have a blower/heater (thermostatically controlled to min 15C (59F) going 24/7 mounted above the door of the warmhouse, and at head level a rotating box fan to direct the air in all directions around the plants, again goes 24/7. On hot days I turn on the 52" evp cooler and even like recently when we had 44C (111.2F) the warmhouse never got over 30C (86F)

LIGHT: I have all my Coels hanging up high to get high light which is filtered through 50% shadecloth/SolarWeave plastic/horticultural grade bubble wrap. This give a nice even diffuse, but bright light, too much or too little light is not well tolerated.

I hope this may help a bit.
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On the box it said Windows XP or better so I bought a Mac.

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