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One of the good Catt. growers in my orchid society places a second pot next to the first one in cases like this. The roots can acclimate to being in medium while being supported by the parent plant. In time, a division can take place without setting the second plant back, simply by severing the lead between the two pots. This is assuming that you are willing to divide the plant.

If not, I suggest going to the Dollar Store ( or someplace similar) and looking for a storage canister that will accept the whole plant. Many of them are rectangular, so they will take a plant that has a sprawling growth habit. Drill your own holes where you want them and you will be good to go.

This picture shows a big Fdk. in a homemade semi-hydroponic pot. You can see two holes have been drilled about 2 inches up the side to create a reservoir. It has worked very well for this plant.
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