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My paph experiment

I have very little experience with paphs. When I was a teenager, I had one of the Maudiae type paphs, and it did great for several years, but when I went to college, I didn't have room to take my plants and it eventually died at my mom's house

Anyway, back in January, I saw a group of six of the green leaf, cooler growing type paphs on eBay. They were all in bud and for a good price, so I bought them. I don't know if they'll bloom indoors, but for about two months in the fall, we get the kind of warm days and cool nights they prefer, so I'm hoping that if I put them outside during that time, it will be enough to get them to bloom.

I got them, and it seemed very strange to me what they were potted in. It looked like about half and half perlite and little styrofoam pellets. I didn't like it, and I had a mix of small Orchiata, hydroton, and sponge rock on hand, so I decided to repot them in that. I like to repot all my new plants anyway. As I was unpotting them, I realized they had barely any roots at all. A couple of them had one good root, but the others' roots were dead down to little nubs at the base of the plants, and one of them was completely rootless. The plants still appeared in good shape, so whatever killed the roots probably happened quickly and recently.

I knew I should have cut off the buds to try to save the plants, but I figured as little as I paid, I'd just let it go and hope for the best. If they died, I didn't pay that much for them, and at least I got to enjoy the flowers.

They bloomed well and the flowers lasted for several weeks, but then they kind of languished along for a while, and the leaves got floppy, and I thought for sure they were gone (except the two that had a good root when I got them; they were okay), but I just left them. About a month ago, I noticed the leaves didn't seem as floppy, and then today as I was inspecting them, I can see little root tips starting to push against the sides of the pots!!! (I love those clear pots)

So there's some pics of a few of the blooms, and the whole lot of plants as of today, and the little root tips you can see through the sides of the pots (I'm weird, but I think the root tips on orchids are sooooo cute ).

I haven't posted here in a long time, and just wanted to share that. I'll let you know whether or not I can get them to bloom again next year lol
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