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There's a ton of seed scams on eBay. Not to say this one seller is, but I would check a few things.

#1.) What else are they selling? If it's hundreds of sales of seeds from tons of "rare" plants, orchids, etc. Then ask yourself if you really believe that they could have so many to sell. They are automatically out if they sell seeds of flower or fruit color forms that don't exist, this happens a lot with rose and berry seeds for some reason. Is the seller also falsely advertising seeds that don't grow true, ie. plants that are grown grafted and not grown from seed for a reason? That rules them out as a seller for me automatically too.

#2.) If you believe the seller, that the seeds are what they say they are...are they fresh? Do the seeds have a short shelf life before they are no longer viable? If it's a long shelf life, were they stored properly? Might want to ask the seller first...

#3.) It's January. Here in FL it's warm enough to ship, but in an airplane at 30,000 feet it's still very cold, as can be stopover states. Is it safe to ship them time of year?

Then there's the issue that Catt Mandu mentioned....

However, if it's cheap enough to be worth the risk, then whatever. Occasionally I take that risk and it was about 50/50, until I found the one consistently legit seed seller of the "rare" seeds I personally like to grow. Do your research about the growing the seed, details about how long it's viable, where it's likely to come from legally/illegally, etc. and you lessen your eBay seed buying risk considerably.
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