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Cutting it off when it is mushy is the right thing to do. Your older cane will probably grow a new cane to replace it. Just try to keep the roots healthy with regular watering (but in a medium that dries very quickly). The warmer it is, the sooner it will pop out a new cane. These like very bright light (I grow under lights now but gave my dens a south-facing window).
I am surprised that you had rot when you are keeping it so dry. Usually this happens, of course, due to over-watering. Of course, there are other things that can cause this to happen. How are you growing it? Are you keeping it warm? What type of medium? How often and with what do you fertilize it?
Hopefully, we will figure out what went wrong here so you will soon have a healthy den. They are really great orchids once you get them established.
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