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Recommendations for flasking lab?

I am in the middle of my own flask-at-home adventure, which is going reasonably well.

I have another pod maturing, Cattleya cross that I made back in March, and will probably want to have some of the seed professionally flasked as well as flasking some at home. I intend to go dry seed instead of green seed.

Anyone have recommendations and contact information for a flasking lab? Since I am in the USA, I want to work with a USA lab; likely easier in terms of shipping, paperwork and so on.

Bonus points for any lab that can work with me on the following issues:

1. Will work with dry (fully mature) seed rather than green pod.

2. Will limit daughter flask production to the number of daughter flasks I request (will not save any seedlings for their own use if I request it). I have seen one lab online that apparently will work with you only if you are willing to share your seedlings with them - that would be a "no".

3. This one may be unusual: Willing to send me any unopened mother flasks from my cross that they do not need to make daughter flasks.

4. Will return, or destroy, any unused seed.

Any advice appreciated - thanks!
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