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First Replating on my dendrobium cross

I sowed these seeds on the 16/4/2013.. This is my experiment to see the outcome of this cross, to see which is more dominant.
My other seeds are quite slow at germinating, so I gave this one a go because I knew it would germinate quick... I've been flasking for about 3 years and have been teaching myself as I go along...I've had lots of mold growing instead of orchids, and only at the beginning of this year they've seemed to take. I went from sowing in a glove box to sowing on a table and I've found a higher success rate for me to sow on the table in a spare bedroom. Even replating in normal household air has been a success with only having like one flask with contamination. From a 7.5 cm flask I replated the seedlings into 5x 15cm flasks, and gave them a lot of space to grow and to make next replating much easier without having to try untangle roots. Please feel free to comment and ask questions.


It's nice to be young and growing orchids!
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