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1. Stanhopea nigroviolacea
2. Sarc cecileae
3. Brassia giroudiana
4. Cattleya schilleriana
Hi if you are living near the coast and frost free climate perhaps you could give 2. Sarc cecileae a go if not much agar left in the jar, (PS I would deflask them on to a tray of gravel the size of a pea and leave for a year or so, they hate any type of potting mix and prefer to grow on rocks etc).

The other 3 I have not deflasked although I have done some Cattley a species, they all seem to love the warm of spring summer to deflasks.
If you can supply some bottom heat and they needed to be deflasked do it now but I would like to wait to spring.
How much agar is left in the bottom of each flask.

1. Stanhopea nigroviolacea
3. Brassia giroudiana
4. Cattleya schilleriana

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Good growing, Ron

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