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Phals with spotty leaves

I've been noticing a problem with about 6-8 of my phals (both hybrids and species) over the past several months.

They have good healthy roots and some are also blooming, but the newer leaves develop yellowish or orange spots and then start to look almost sunburned as the spots progress. Eventually the affected leaf is totally dried up and falls off. Sometimes this happens on just 1 leaf (and it's never an old bottom leaf), and sometimes it's on several or all of the leaves.

I had these plants in various locations in my growing areas -- some were getting natural daylight (SE exposure but 18" or so back from the window and with a sheer curtain, so no direct sun), others were under a single T5 bulb. Several of them are growing new leaves that, at least at this point, look normal.

Any ideas? None of them are new acquisitions, and have been growing well until the leaf spots started. I'm not seeing this in any other species that were growing alongside these phals.
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