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Originally Posted by DML1983 View Post
Back in December I had purchased, and shipped, a Cattelaya orchid from Kauai, HI. It arrived to my home in Kansas in beautiful condition. It had an active spike with several buds, two ready to open. Within a week the buds had become sickly looking, like they were rotting. I removed the spike as I was advised by several folks to do. Over time all the stems and leaves have done the same thing. The roots have also become sick looking, not green anymore. I have it hanging in bright indirect light, it's in a pot with good medium, and is watered once a week in the shower and misted every other day in between. Any advice? I don't want to lose this beauty!!
I am a little confused. It arrived in good condition but a week later everything started looking sickly. I too, wonder if it got left out in the cold or if it was when you started watering it once a week, then misting in between and sitting in bright indirect light.

Catts need very bright, direct light to bloom and thrive. Catts like to dry out between watering. They do not like wet, soggy feet. So with all this water in the plant and not letting the crowns dry out you probably got some type of crown rot/fungus. This is also why it is important to have good air movement and the right light.

One more thing. Be careful when having plants shipped b/c of weather. I live in the Northeast and will not have plants shipped from Thanksgiving until April/May.
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