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Is this your first cattleya? If so, I will venture a few senarios of what may have happened. 1) Too much moisture. Your temps might be a little cool and the air still. By misting, you may have encouraged fungus or bacterial growth which may have led to these problems. Also, if you water on a schedule instead of when the medium is completely dry, even in the middle, rot can develop. I grow my cattleyas dryer in winter and have them in baskets and red lava rock to prevent rot.
2) Shock that lowers immunity: Plant had perfect conditions in Hawaii, and couldn't adjust to the new environment. Stress made it vulnerable.
3) Maybe the package sat out somewhere in the cold.
4) Dry or cold draft?
5) Old medium under the top layer or in the middle that never dried out?
6) Not enough light?
Good luck! Pictures will indeed help! In the meantime, here are some good websites to browse:

Orchid Pests, Orchid Diseases
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