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Originally Posted by blackvine View Post
My husband got me a flask of Brassavola nodosas for Christmas and they were finally ready to deflask. (Actually, I finally got the nerve to do it!) I think I did it right: pic 1 is the flask to the right and the prepared medium to the left; pic 2 is dunking open flask in warm water to get as many babies out as possible; pic 3 is where I had to break the flask to get the rest out; pic 4 – the babies are in a community pot; pic 5 – a nice shade/humidity hood ‘till they get acclimated to life outside the flask womb!! So excited – hope they make it!
Looks good. They will be more sensitive to humidy till they get some age to them. Mortality can be high based on species and your personal experience. With my new house over the winter, it probably has 10% humidity. My first deflasking was with 3 flasks and I only have 4 babies to show for it. Had to resort to keeping them in a terrarium to maintain the high humidity. But that is due to my individual environmental conditions. One thing I also wish I'd had on hand (local shops didnt have any when I deflasked) was some physan as a precaution. When they started to crash, some of them I think I lost for reasons other then humidity.

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