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Originally Posted by Brooke View Post
Newbud do you think your Phal has a virus? Are you going to get the Agdia tests or send it to Critter Creek? Or are you going to toss the plant because you think it has a virus?

Your bloom does not show a color break virus although a test could prove you do have that virus. You will know a color break when you see it. I've only seen it on one Catt but a couple other Catts with virus never did show it on the blooms. I've never had a color break on any Phal that tested positive.

Hi Brooke - Some of the other suggestions I got off the TC and hometissueculture user-net was to keep it isolated and just watch it, unless I want to spend the money to have it tested, which I don't. I just ordered a home tissue culture kit from Carol Stiff so I may still end up trying to save it by cloning it if it is in fact infected. Only time will tell. Thanks for your comments.
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