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Originally Posted by Catt Mandu View Post
I see one partly sunburned leaf - the yellowish cast of the leaves- maybe due to indoor, incandescent lighting? Is a photo in natural daylight possible?

If the leaves are a good "Kelly green", IMO it may not be necessary to cut the spike, though you could if you'd just like to save the plant some energy. Different story if the leaves are seriously yellow; then yes, cutting the spike is probably best. Regardless, don't cut the leaves unless there is some disease process going on.
After reading this, I decided to leave the very lowest node because the roots weren't nearly as bad as I expected. I did cut the bad part of the leaf, frankly cause I don't wanna look at it lol. I did leave the light colored splotchy leaves alone cause they're not too bad. And I left the smallest, bright yellow leaf alone as well.

Overall, this lil guy isn't quite as bad as I initially thought, just needs some TLC. I was expecting some sriviled roots with barely any viable ones and inside the sphag, there was a decent number of nice green ones
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