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I LOVE rescuing Phals, so this is what I would do if it was my new orchid.

-Soak the rootball immediately in the warm/lookwarm water for 30 min or so. Sounds like the plant was badly dehydrated. If you have some seaweed this would help, but just plain water would do for now as well.

-Cut the spike and place it in a vase -it would last just the same. Phal now needs to focus on regrowing its roots.

-After good soak, take all the moss out. You could do it by using some chopsticks or under the running water, or just by pulling at the strings. Do it very carefully, slowly so not to break the roots.
After all the moss is off wash the roots under the slow running lookwarm (not cold!) water. Inspect all the roots and trim off anything that looks rotting, hollow or dead.

-If you have Physan 20 it would be helpful to desinfect the roots. If not, just leave it bare roots in in the empty pot or bowl. The roots need to dry up and heal a bit before repotting.

This should take it through the night. Leaving a Phal over night bare root would not hurt it. It can last like that even a few days.

-Next morning inspect the roots. If they look silver-grey, this is a good sign. They should be dry by now. Soak the rootball again for 30 min or so, better with seaweed solution but that's optional.

-Air dry roots again and pot the plant in the empty pot. Place some small pebbles on the bottom. Cover up roots very lightly with bark, do not pack the medium, leave some air pockets for the roots. You would need to monitor the roots, their color and condition for at least a month.

-Water only when almost dry (look up the skewer method) and when there's no water condensation on the walls, roots look silver-grey, not bright green. Sometime it's better just to lightly mist the roots instead of soaking them wet.

-Also, trim off any bad parts of the leaves and dust the cuts with the cinamon.

-Place Phal in warm, bright spot but take care not to expose it to the direct sun.

I hope this helps.

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