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Originally Posted by FlowerOrchidLover View Post
Arghh! Sorry, but I have noticed an increase in spiders ever since I bought my phal. Not spider mite. But they are easily seen by the naked eye, are brown in colour and are always noticed on my orchids. I think that they have hurt the orchid as the leaves are um oozing out tiny clear droplets which tasted like syrup. Help, please.
Hi FlowerOrchidLover,
Post a picture. I think the tiny clear droplets are more to do with the growth of the plant and are actually a sign of good health... but then I'm not an orchid expert. Much better with spiders though. They're probably just the little house cobweb spiders that live at the corners of walls. They'll eat the little fruit flies and others that invade your plant. Their fangs are much too small to penetrate skin so you don't have to worry about ever getting bitten which isn't their first line of defense anyway (dropping down is).

Personally, I let spiders keep up residence on all my plants. They keep the pests down to nonexistent.
cheers, j
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