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Actually they could be replated I think but that will be expensive in relation to the cost of the actual flask. I hadn't thought of that and might send them off to a facility.

The reason I am being so negative is the same company did this to me once before and the plants weren't salvageable. All the seedings at that time died and were to small to come out of flask. The replacement flask took 2 years to get back and even that wasn't ok when it got to me.

I don't mind paying for them if they arrived in good condition even though it's been a year since the discussion took place and they arrived without warning but I have issues with the conditions. I would pay for them but I can guarantee very few will live.

Thanks Anton, you have backed up my feelings around this and I will send them some photos and discuss the problems. I should mention that a couple of the flasks were broken as well.
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