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New Flasks

Hi all, just wondering what I should do with some flasks I received today.

I ordered some flasks from an overseas vendor nearly a year ago, they were for the Australian Conference. I was told to pay for them and then they would have them available for me to pick up.

I never paid for them and didn't go to the conference. I had completely forgotten about the flasks with all the upheaval that I experienced back in April. However I hadn't paid for them so I figured and have forgone the right to have them anyway.

But they turned up posted to me today, they are a complete mess with the gel covering the plants and an invoice for their cost. Not happy to pay for them as they are tiny plants that have to come out and will not survive. If the media was ok I would think they could last a few months longer but the mix is like mud with the plants underneath it all. I never agreed that they could be posted to me anyway.

I can't post the flasks back to them. I plan to send them an email about all of the above with a photo of the flasks. What would you do?

P.S. They are flasks of kovachii hybrids.
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