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Originally Posted by Forever-mango View Post
Hi guys, it has been 3 weeks since I deflasks the 2 contaminated paph flasks.

All seedlings are growing healthy in compots and I am very happy

But, something happened today. The person who I ordered the flasks for came back with 1 flask (which he contaminated himself) and asked for another refund. He said he will ask the owner of Fong Ping Orchids in QLD to complain about the importer.

Seriously, it has been 4 weeks since he has taken it back home. When he picked up the flasks that same weekend, he already opened the cap of the flasks to inspect the plants. Now 4 weeks later, and mold has grew, agar has turned to liquid and plants in the flask is 80% dead, he now wants to refund. Some people just have no common sense.
Wow, that just about takes the blue ribbon for stupidity in my book! That's like opening a can of food, sticking it back in the cupboard and then complaining that the food inside is spoiled 4 weeks later. Do you think Woolies would give a refund for that?

Sometimes a slap upside the head is the best response you can give to some people!
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