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Hi Ivan, interesting thread.
I have always grown plants of some sort, Cacti from seeds, carnivorous plants from seed and cutting were my early interest and the start of building my very first greenhouse. Made out of Polyflute back in the late 1970'S. It was about 8 feet wide and about 16 feet long, quickly followed by another of about 8 X 12 feet for all my carnivorous plants.
O, I did also have 3 Cymbidiums bought in 2 inch tubes, this all in the frost city of Canberra ACT.
It was not until I was forced to give up work and move down the Coast of NSW in 96 did I thing of growing something else.
I had to sell my Cact Collection of several thousand plants and I bought a lot of carnivorous plants with me to the coast.
Due to several years of battling with cancer I lost all these plants except the 3 Cymbidiums I had bought many years ago, they were now it 10 inch pots and were flowering very well.
As my health improved I started to look for a new hobby and the start of my love for orchids.
So with no income and not much of saving I started to look at buying flasks of orchids.
Paphiopedilums and Cymbidiums were my main love back then.
I was playing lawn bowls to try and get my health back, one night I won the luck door prize of several hundred dollars.
This was the start of my orchid hobby getting out of control, this was a fun way of getting a collection going quiet cheep, in about 2006 I moved to my present location and built a new greenhouse after selling my big fishing boat and a Cymbidium house for my ever-growing collection.

For all those who pay big money for plants think about flasks, seedling Cymbidiums for about AU or US $1 per plant, 25 to 30 plants per flask and in 3 years they all start to flower!
Same for the Paphs although they came a lot dearer around AU or US$6 to 8 per plant from flasks, then the Phallies from flask again as low as US$2 per plant.

This also gave me lots of quality plants to show in our local Orchid Club and win many championships over the years.

Now my only problem is I am addicted to buying orchids in flasks, but what a great hobby and the enjoyment of seeing them flower for the first time.

Ivan from what I know of Indonesea it is tropical and you will only need a structure to keep out pests and protect the flowers in the wet season, in other words you live in paradise

My friend Missy
Good growing, Ron

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