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Originally Posted by Forever-mango View Post

Thanks Ron for the recommendation, I will to my holiculture supplier to see if I can get it here I was recommended to use a root hormone along with fungicide for the 30min bath before letting it wind dry outside before potting up.

Is it worth wild to treat the medium with fungicide too?
Hi, I am a fuss pot when it comes to deflasking.
After giving the babys a quick rinse in the sink after taking them out of the flask.
Then sort them into groups the same size, then either pot them up to individual pots of community pots.
When all is potted up I make up the mix of Fongarid according to instructions and pour it over the plans and potting mix.
Place them in a warm humid place to harden off over the next few days.
After a week or so I start to fertilize with a very week seaweed base fertilizer, nothing stronger until the leaves look like they are starting to grow again.

The so called method of placing them outside or on sheets of newspaper to dry off or harden off is rather weird to me as a grower.
They have just come from under grow lights, warmth and 100 humidity in the flask.
So I treat them as per still a baby.

The shock of being taken out of the flasks conditions is enough to knock them around enough without completely dry them out!

Do they do this to new born babys to harden them off!!

My way and works very well for me, as taught to me by a very professional nursery
Best of luck

My friend Missy
Good growing, Ron
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