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Originally Posted by Forever-mango View Post
My friend returned 2 flasks which I purchased from Wally. He was stupid enough to open the bloody flasks and now they have mold on the agar. Seriously, how stupid can someone be? And now he wants a refund because of his stupidity. So I just took it off him and refund him the funds, his missus wasn't cant help it

So, I just deflasked one flask and it has mold on the roots. I used a toothbrush to clean off all the mold on the plants and roots, and it currently soaking in fungicide solution for 20mins. I will be compotting them in pots of 10 or so. Hopefully this method is ok.

They will go straight into the greenhouse with a cover over them. I will respray them with fungicide a few days later.

If there is a better way to do, please let me know.

Thanks heaps
Hi Stephen, helping mates out, been their and done that!
Now I do all the de-flasking for them and keep the plants for at least six to 12 months.

If it is a white fluffy type mold do not worry too much, more of a penicillin type that causes no major problems.
It is the black wet type that is a quick killer.
I may be beating my drum again but for the cost of a few dollars I use a product called Fungarid, see photo below.

Have used it on deflasking for night on 16 years and never had any loss or problems using it.

I deflask into my sink in the garage, but first I bleach all equipment including the pots and outside of the flasks!
Take the plants out of the flask and give a quick rinse in luke warm water in the sink. group them according to size and pot them up individually or compots, when finished I pour with a small water-can with rose head spray on it, over the plants with the fungicide mix, then into the greenhouse,
No more fungicide is needed again
Just make sure you bleach every thing so no bugs.
I do not waste my time and my precious scarce money on so called good homemade fungicides

I have a flask of Sarcs siting on the hotbed in the greenhouse for the last six months, came at 1/2 price because of them being so small, it has been infected by a white mold for the last 4 months, agar is still good and the plants are growing ok, will deflask it when the get big enough and put up some photos.
best of luck
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