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Originally Posted by orchids4me View Post
I'm sorry to hear this Stephen....
Not necessarly go in on some with someone just make sure they are aware of what they are ding before you do this with someone next time. Not eveyone is that as you put it lol that bloody stupid
I hope so So far 2 of my orchid friends have complained about orchids/flasks purchased with me. One of them wanted to purchase a large cascading Cymbidium with my old man, and want to go halves with us. They divided the orchid at my place, and they chosen the piece they wanted. Mine has 3 bulbs and 3 new leads. Her piece has 5 bulbs and 1 new lead, she wanted the larger piece. After that day, she keeps complaining everytime I saw here that the piece I got was larger and her one only had one lead...she chose it herself! In the end, my piece died and her one is ok. She is still talking about it...
Kind Regards, Stephen
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