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Oh no !! Lol no cutting holes in the tank lol. Lay it on its side with the open top facing you. You can use plastic drop cloth cut a piece to cover the top facing you either cut slits in that or drap it and reach in around the sides to work inside the tank. You will be making 2 different bleach water ratio mixes and one is for sterilizing the seed and the other for instruments and surfaces inside the tank. Or you can if you want holes lol go to a place like we have over here called tap plastics and get a piece of plexiglass cut to fit like a lid use the fish tank silicone to secure it to the top of the tank and there a sealed box with your holes .
Make sure the holes cut if you go that route are at the comfortable height to work and manuver inside the tank and what your going to use as a table to set it on chair height all that so you get the holes in the right place.also the light fixture or hood of that fish tank will be handy to illuminate inside while you work just place it on the side of the tank that's facing up when its on its side to shine the light inside the tank. You may need to look down into the tank from the side that is the top when on its side to see what your doing so a lower table or stand just depends on how you set it up and work with it to figure out how it works best for you.
Good luck

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