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Originally Posted by ACK2 View Post
Emmaye, this has been fascinating. That was a wonderful tutorial. So glad you are getting the pod! Will you keep us posted? I want to know what you do next once the seeds arrive. Will you then send it off to be flasked???

Paul, that is wonderful you are sending this to Emmaye.
You're right, Susan. It IS fascinating. I've watched the videos on flasking, and tho he makes it sound and look so simple, there's a lot to know beforehand. Huge learning curve.
Emmaye seems to have a pretty good grasp, so everything she's saying, I'm trying to absorb. It's gonna be fun, watching how this progresses. Hopefully, my "honey-do" list will shorten one of these days, so I can get into this.

Seems to me, the very best way to learn and understand orchids- from the bottom up.
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