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Originally Posted by ACK2 View Post
Emmaye, this has been fascinating. That was a wonderful tutorial. So glad you are getting the pod! Will you keep us posted? I want to know what you do next once the seeds arrive. Will you then send it off to be flasked???

Paul, that is wonderful you are sending this to Emmaye.
Hi AcK,
When the seed arrives from paul I will carefully open the packet to see the seeds condition and remove any debris with tweezers. Transfer it to a new filter. Lable it with any info paul gives me such as aprox pollination daye. If he know if not its ok will write on it the harvest date for sure. And then I will put it in the container with other seed I have that has a small jar in the bottom with a calcium chlorid water mix with holes in lid to (5) to make a relative humidity in the container its sitting in with paper towels around the sides of the small jar to keep it from tipping over. The outer containr contains seed packs I store until I have enough to match 33 jars one packet of media makes to start the project. And this will be very soon here as I have everything I need now to go for it just need to dedicate 2 days to start it up making media one day and flasking the next. Joyce so graciously gave me a heat matt as well to use in the tank containg the flask while waiting for germination to keep a steady climate heat for them.
So what I have from members currently are not sent out to flask I will be doing it my self

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