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Originally Posted by terry_sealey View Post
All of my experience with seed pods comes from cattleyas and not paphs. but I would say that yes it was pollinated and the seed pod is starting to form.

With the catts once the flower is pollinated the flower wilts but then hangs on, becoming dry and brittle as it ages. The pod develops behind the flower.

There is no way of saving that pod now it has been removed from the plant. It takes months for seed to ripen.
The ovaries on paphs look like that even before they start to form a seed pod, but most people don't notice because they're looking at the front of the flower, not the back. google "paph rear view" or "paph side view", and you'll see some good examples. Many other types of terrestrial orchids share this characteristic.
Paphs and their close relatives also tend to drop the main part of the flower after pollination, leaving only the ovary to form the seed pod. This usually happens within a day or two. Most other types of orchids will keep the wilted flower on the end of the seed pod.
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