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Mike, if I tell you something, you've got to promise not to tell anyone else here on the forum. Some will immediately jump to false conclusions and think, there she goes again....

I've got a couple of brassidiums and one miltassia that I bought a few months ago and came potted up in coir and fir bark but before I knew what this was, it bothered me, never having seen this before and didn't like not knowing what I was dealing with. Remember that tag I posted that read about when the flowers die, throw the plant out...we'll grow more for you? Because of that tag, I believed that all those plants from this nursery were potted in cheap, ready to break down, bad for the plants....stuff! When I couldn't find info about it, I decided to change the media on the miltassia into bark. That plant is doing great, I've got 2 spikes with 18 flowers now and 2 more spikes growing. The 2 other plants remained in this coir/bark and not only are they growing, but I can't keep up with all the new growth and are also spiking like crazy. I finally wrote to this nursery, inquiring about what they use and this past Friday they finally responded and the mystery was solved.....coir! I loved this stuff before I knew what it was. And,'s very accurate in telling when watering time is original concern that started all of this!

I'm already with you and Connie (PhalPal) on this one. I'm going to check out the coir from the distributor you posted later and go for your recommendation on it.

I'll keep you posted on the progress I make here! You rock Mike!

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